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Ecological institute Veronica

Centre Veronica Hostětín
Centre Veronica Hostětin. Photo: M. Stránský
Eco Counselling Centre in Brno
Eco Counselling Centre in Brno

ZO ČSOP Veronica (Czech Union for Nature Conservation - Local Chapter Veronica) started its activity with the Veronica magazine, established in 1986 as a regional magazine aimed at connecting culture and nature conservation and disseminating environmental education in a cultivated way. The activities of the Eco-Counselling Centre and Veronica Ecological Centre after October 1989 became the base for Ecological Institute
Veronica (EIV) in 1999, as a professional workplace of ZO ČSOP Veronica (Local Chapter of the Czech Union for Nature Conservation).

EIV is an expert and educational institution offering the interpretation of expert environmental subjects. It is active in Brno and Hostětín and gives attention to both urban and country environment. We have worked with a wide range of subjects, with our local details as well as with many international issues, from Hostětín to Europe, beginning with practical care of nature and including also works of art. Our mission is to support environment-friendly attitudes towards nature, landscape and their natural and cultural values.

Veronica pursues the following expert programmes:

Our expert and educational activity is meant for the wide public, experts, representatives and employees of public administration, educational institutions, other non-governmental organizations, teachers and students of secondary schools and universities and small-scale and middle-scale companies.

Our mission is to promote a friendly attitude towards nature, landscape and its natural as well as cultural values.

We offer

  • Veronica Magazine
  • eco-counselling for the wide public - consumer themes, environment-friendly household, saving and renewable energy sources, ecological building, nature and landscape conservation, involvement of the public
  • counselling on green procurement of authorities and companies
  • field trips around model projects in Hostětín (proklik na modelové projekty - buď na titullní stranu, nebo do exkurzí, kde jsou vyjmenovány): reed-bed sewage treatment plant, municipal biomass heating plant, apple juice plant and fruit drying kiln, examples of ecological building, passive house, solar panels, power-saving public lighting
  • educational courses, open-doors days and stays in the passive building of the Centre Veronica Hostětín
  • library with 5 000 titles and DVD media focused on the environment
  • sale of professional literature, also via internet
  • study visits and scholarships, possibility of volunteer work
  • membership in the ZO ČSOP Veronica

We organize

  • lectures, seminars, field trips, conferences, panel discussions, round tables, briefings, exhibitions
  • periodical actions: conference Rural Landscape, Summer School of climate or nature and landscape conservation, Apple Festival in Hostětín, Organic Food Fair in Brno

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