ID No. 13693620
VAT CZ13693620
Account: 2001190570/2010
Branch Brno, Headquarters
Billing address:
ZO ČSOP Veronica
Panská 9, 602 00 Brno
[email protected]  map
tel. 542 422 750

Branch Hostětín
Mailing address:
Centrum Veronica
Hostětín 86
687 71 Hostětín
[email protected]   map
tel. 572 630 670

Bank name:Fio banka, a.s.
Address:V Celnici 10, 117 21 Praha 1, Česká republika
Name of account:ZO ČSOP Veronica
Eco-Counselling Centre
phone 542 422 750, mobile phone: 608 426 032
Emergency non-stop advice on caring for handicapped animals
mobile phone: 602 404 285


RNDr. Yvonna Gaillyová RNDr. Yvonna Gaillyová
directress of Ecological Institute Veronicachairwoman ZO ČSOP Veronica, climate protection, sustainable regional development, energy programmes

Phone.: 542 422 758
777 323 792

[email protected]

Ing. Markéta Honzová Ing. Markéta Honzová
eco-counsellor, protection of tree species, natural garden; project assistant. 

[email protected]

Mgr. Ing. Petr Ledvina Mgr. Ing. Petr Ledvina
director of Eco-Counselling Centre, green public procurement, green household, internet applications

Phone.: 776 057 637

[email protected]

Rudolf Pecháček Rudolf Pecháček
water quality, sping and wellcounseling


Ing. Marie Křiváková Ing. Marie Křiváková
Director of Centre Veronica Hostětín/ Project manager

Phone.: 572 630 670
608 426 049

[email protected]

Mgr. Hana Machů Mgr. Hana Machů
promoter, project manager

Phone.: 572 630 670
739 569 264

[email protected]

Renata Bolečková Renata Bolečková
operating manager

Phone.: 572 630 670
608 426 029

[email protected]

Bc. Barbora Čepková Bc. Barbora Čepková
Shop manager, lecturer of craft programs, administration

Phone.: 605 406 335

[email protected]

Bc. Jitka Datinská Bc. Jitka Datinská
Lector of programs for schools

Phone.: 771123394

[email protected]

Petr Kucka Petr Kucka
deputy director, program leader

Phone.: 572 630 670

[email protected]

Lenka Šlahorová Lenka Šlahorová
catering manager, cook

Phone.: 572 630 670

Karla Vincenecová Karla Vincenecová
Eco-counsellor and certifier in nature garden, lecturer in environmental education programs, botanist

Phone.: 572 630 670

[email protected]

Mgr. Josef Zimola Mgr. Josef Zimola

Phone.: 420739927632

[email protected]

Advisory board of the Ecological Institute Veronica

doc. Ing. Helena Králová, CSc.
RNDr. Miroslav Kundrata
doc. Ing. Jan Lacina, CSc.
RNDr. Naděžda Johanisová, PhD.

External colleagues, co-worker, long-term cooperative volunteers

Name Function
Markéta Honzová Eco-counsellor
RNDr. Jan Hollan, PhD. Energy management, climate protection, building
Rudolf Pecháček Well and Spring Counselling Centre
Ladislav Čmel computer administrator
Ing. Radim Měřička, Jan Pospíšil webmaster
Rostislav Pospíšil artist and graphic designer
Stáňa Bártová graphic designer
Ing. Helena Králová, CSc. water protection
Hana Kašpaříková library

We also thank to all voluntary co-workers who selflessly help us in the implementation of all projects.


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