Climate Protection

 Climatic changes show clearly at local level and thus make the question of energy consumption and methods of building topical. We pursue the climate protection particularly in context of exploitation of energy saving and renewable energy sources. We know how to protect the climate at the level of an individual, municipality, region and the country; we know the technologies and procedures, materials and principles and we spread them effectively and contribute to their enforcement into the practice. Ecological building, passive houses and utilization of natural building materials are specific parts of this subject. We focus on regional level and apply our experience from model projects in Hostětín to urban environment. We provide complex education, counselling and enlightenment.

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The basic starting point of our program is the protection of the earth climate by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. We encourage the alternatives which eliminate the combustion of fossil fuels and contribute to an effective exploitation of energy. We have been participating for a long time in a series of pilot projects which are most often realized in the Centre of model ecological projects in Hostětín with a view to show a 100% non-fossil village. We have been also focussing on the educational and public enlightenment activity and on the support for other non-governmental organization in enforcing these principles into regional as well as national concepts.

Ecological building

We pursue consultancy in the area of energy savings and material selection in all stages of construction. We apply civil engineering in practice on an experimental level and thus verify some innovative construction methods. We gather and share contacts to skilful architects, designers, engineers and craftsmen who feel their own responsibility for the devastation of the environment by buildings. In the area of ecological building we particularly deal with passive houses and utilization of straw bales in construction which we have used in our four realizations.

Passive house

Passive house is a house built so well that it affects the environment much less than other houses in the course of their lifetime. It is called passive most probably because most heat needed for the conservation of thermal comfort get into the house in a rather involuntary way - in a passive way, from people, from the use of domestic appliances, from the sun coming through windows. One part of the energy requires more activity, namely mechanic ventilation, which ensures a recuperative heat gain from exhaust air and from the earth by ground collectors. The active element - the heat source, supplies the house with a very low amount of heat, for a short period of time in the year, by means of heating fresh air. The building of the Centre Veronica Hostětín built in 2006 is a passive house.

Economical lighting

We also pursue the questions of economical lighting and protection of night air partly for reasons of energy saving and climate protection, and partly from the perspective of light pollution of night atmosphere and its impact on animals as well as human beings. In Hostětín, a model project of environmentally friendly public lighting system has been installed in 2006.

Solar programme

We have been cooperating for a long time with partner organizations from the Czech republic and Austria on the project Solar Network which has been broadly promoting the development of solar thermics in the Czech republic. Within the project we have helped to install tens of self-help solar collectors in the White Carpathians. 

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