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Active Citizen

Obrázek nakreslil R. Pospíšil A complete integration of the environment protection into the decision-making of state administration requires that the state authorities dispose of specific and up-to-date information about the area concerned. According to the Aarhus Convention it is the public which may be one of the main sources of such information. Veronica aims to be a high-quality, professional and coordination background for the citizens, non-profit organizations, civil initiatives, students, experts and authorities involved in the processes of planning and decision-making. At the same time Veronica has been participating in the planning and decision-making processes at all the levels.

Protection and development of urban vegetation

We have been monitoring administrative procedures in all the city districts of Brno. We have been initiating projects focused on the formation of public open spaces in the individual city districts. We have been responding to topical cases and closely monitoring the cutting down of tree species along the roads.

Regional planning

We have been monitoring the preparation of a new Brno city plan - Brno citizens, become involved! A national city planning document "The Policy of Territorial Development" is being prepared. The individual regions are also preparing their regional plans and every citizen has a right to express his/her opinion of these documents.

Transport policy of the South-Moravian region

We have been cooperating and coordinating the activities of civil initiatives and non-profit organizations in the South-Moravian region.

How to get involved into the planning and decision-making?

How to found a civic association? How to draw up a petition? What is the process of assessment of projects and plans in terms of the environment?

How to involve the public?

Do you study? Do you design? Do you make decisions or plans? Learn to cooperate with the public. It will surely pay!

Studies, analyses, documents

The citizens have no financial and often not even professional possibilities of acquiring expert studies, measurements and opinions. Veronica as an active civic association has been participating in their elaboration.

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