Read a new annual report for year 2019 in English. Read more >>

Annual report 2018

5. 8. 2019
Read a new annual report for year 2018 in English Read more >>
One of my particular passions is the environment and helping to protect it. In the UK I had my routines and knew how to reduce, reuse and recycle pretty much everything I could, and where to buy local and/or organic produce. I hoped that I was lessening my negative impact on the earth by doing so. When I moved in Brno, I must admit that quite a lot of that went out of the window for a while, whilst I was acclimatising to the new culture. Now I've had a bit of time to investigate, I thought I wo Read more >>
When you visit Centre Veronica and Hostětín, you get the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature of the White Carpathian landscape and see model projects for how to start building a sustainable future. You have 10 reasons to come visit Hostětín. We have information on how to make a reservation to stay at our ECO-Inn, for the full experience of Hostětín, and the work done here. Read more >>

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