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One of my particular passions is the environment and helping to protect it. In the UK I had my routines and knew how to reduce, reuse and recycle pretty much everything I could, and where to buy local and/or organic produce. I hoped that I was lessening my negative impact on the earth by doing so. When I moved in Brno, I must admit that quite a lot of that went out of the window for a while, whilst I was acclimatising to the new culture. Now I've had a bit of time to investigate, I thought I wo [více]
Author: Hannah Boylan

Come and visit Hostětín

Date: 15. 6. 2015
When you visit Centre Veronica and Hostětín, you get the opportunity to experience the beautiful nature of the White Carpathian landscape and see model projects for how to start building a sustainable future. You have 10 reasons to come visit Hostětín. We have information on how to make a reservation to stay at our ECO-Inn, for the full experience of Hostětín, and the work done here. [více]
We prepare new study in English about projects in Hostětín "Model Projects of Hostětín - 20 Years of Working Towards Energy Self-Sufficiency", you can download 72 pages about our activities. Chapter: Model projects, Supporting the local economy, Environmentally friendly tourism, Education for Sustainable Development. [více]

Annual report 2013

Date: 11. 9. 2014
Read a new annual report for year 2013 in English [více]

Annual report 2011

Date: 28. 8. 2012
Read a new annual report for year 2011 [více]
Hostětín, the only award-winning community from the Czech Republic, is ranked alongside Zurich, Leipzig and the German region of Andalusia in Spain. Climate Star award is given to the most successful European Climate Alliance municipalities and regions for outstanding projects in the field of climate protection. Hostětín was recognized primarily for its approach to the use of renewable energy sources. [více]
Author: Hana Machů

Our Achievements in 2011

Date: 15. 3. 2012
We have celebrated the 25th anniversary of Veronica magazine, 20 years since the foundation of Veronica Eco-Counselling Centre, the jubilee 10th year of the Apple Festival and the fifth birthday of the passive house run by Centre for sus­tainable rural development Hostětín. [více]

Veronica 1986–2011

Date: 15. 2. 2012
Veronica 1986–2011: Twenty-five Years in the service of Nature and Land­scape Conservation
25 years of the Veronica magazine
20 years of Veronica Eco-Counselling Centre
20 years of Brno Organic Market
15 years of Hostětín reed-bed water treatment plant
10 years of Hostětín Apple Festival 5 years of our passive house in Hostětín [více]

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